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Libro ebook The Discipline & Culture of Innovation, Fran Chuan Sancho, Jay Rao
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Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2016
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Breve descripción de The Discipline & Culture of Innovation

Why do we forget about people when we talk about innovation? Innovation has been a popular subject for the last years. Bruce Nussbaum, perhaps exaggerating, said Innovation died in 2008, killed off by overuse, misuse, narrowness, incrementalism and failure to evolve. It was done by CEOs, consultants, marketeers, advertisers and business journalists who degraded and devalued the idea by conflating it with change, technology, design, globalization, trendiness, and anything new. It was done by an obsession with measurement, metrics and maths and a demand for predictability in an unpredictable world. If so, why another book on innovation? Because it is not one more book on the subject! It is a book that does not talk about innovation, but about people. Is there anything as important as people when innovating? This book describes how to create a true culture of innovation, a culture where innovation is not an objective, but a consequence.

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