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Libro ebook Shaking the Skies, Giovanni Bisignani
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Categories: Business strategy
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2013
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ISBN: 9781907794445

Breve descripción de Shaking the Skies

This book is about change, about its challenges and the talent necessary to drive it through. Specifically, it is about transforming the world s most important and event-shaping industry aviation. Giovanni Bisignani became Director General of IATA (International Air Transport Association) in June 2002, just after 9/11, which created one of the greatest threats ever to the aviation industry. IATA is the central body of the world s airlines, responsible for its financial ($300 billion/year) clearing system, ticketing, government lobbying, passenger safety policies and the future of commercial flying. During his 10 years as Director General, Bisignani implemented and oversaw enormous and controversial changes in aviation. This book is the inside story of the struggle for survival in one of the world s most dynamic industries.

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