Libro ebook Teach Yourself English Phonetics, Eva Estebas Vilaplana
Publisher: UNED
Collection: Grado
Language: Inglés
Price in book PDF
: 12 (12)
PDF with Adobe DRM
Publishing year: 2019
Size: 14.24 Mb
Copy No
Printing Yes
ISBN: 9788436275223

Breve descripción de Teach Yourself English Phonetics

The main goal of this book is to help students grasp the basic principles of English Phonetics. It covers both descriptive and practical contents which are specifically designed for self-tuition and autonomous learning.The book is accompanied by 38 video classes and a battery of self-evaluation exercises which include listening activities and phonetic transcription practice. This book has been designed as a companion to the book Teach Yourself English Pronunciation by the same author.

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