Editorial SiF
Libro ebook Strawberry fields, Jordi Sierra i Fabra
Publisher: Editorial SiF
Language: Inglés
Price in book ePub
: 6.99 (6.99)
ePub without DRM
Publishing year: 2019
Pages 143
Size: 184 Mb
Copy Yes
Printing Yes
ISBN: 9788412075151

Breve descripción de Strawberry fields

Luci is in the hospital in coma because of an extasi overdose. This stops the lifes of hes friends that try to help her as well as face their own fears. Her best friend finally confronts her bulimia. A boy who is in love with her begins a desperate search for the dealer who sold her extasi in hoping that this will help with her recovery.

Qué se dice de Strawberry fields o Jordi Sierra i Fabra

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