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The latest techniques for building a customer-focused enterprise environment

"The authors have appreciated that MDM is a complex multidimensional area, and have set out to cover each of these dimensions in sufficient detail to provide adequate practical guidance to anyone implementing MDM. While this necessarily makes the book rather long, it means that the authors achieve a comprehensive treatment of MDM that is lacking in previous works." -- Malcolm Chisholm, Ph.D., President, Consulting, Inc.

Regain control of your master data and maintain a master-entity-centric enterprise data framework using the detailed information in this authoritative guide. Master Data Management and Data Governance, Second Edition provides up-to-date coverage of the most current architecture and technology views and system development and management methods. Discover how to construct an MDM business case and roadmap, build accurate models, deploy data hubs, and implement layered security policies. Legacy system integration, cross-industry challenges, and regulatory compliance are also covered in this comprehensive volume.

  • Plan and implement enterprise-scale MDM and Data Governance solutions
  • Develop master data model
  • Identify, match, and link master records for various domains through entity resolution
  • Improve efficiency and maximize integration using SOA and Web services
  • Ensure compliance with local, state, federal, and international regulations
  • Handle security using authentication, authorization, roles, entitlements, and encryption
  • Defend against identity theft, data compromise, spyware attack, and worm infection
  • Synchronize components and test data quality and system performance


Part I. Introduction to Master Data Management;
Chapter 1. Overview of Master Data Management;
Chapter 2. MDM: Overview of Market Drivers and Key Challenges;
Chapter 3. MDM Applications by Industry;
Part II. Architectural Considerations;
Chapter 4. MDM Architecture Classification, Concepts, Principles and Components;
Chapter 5. Data Management Concerns of MDM Architecture: Entities, Hierarchies and Metadata;
Chapter 6. MDM Services for Entity and Relationships Resolution and Hierarchy Management;
Chapter 7. Master Data Modeling;
Part III. Data Security, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance;
Chapter 8. Overview of Risk Management for Master Data;
Chapter 9. Introduction to Information Security and Identity Management;
Chapter 10. Protecting Content for Secure Master Data Management;
Chapter 11. Enterprise Security and Data Visibility in Master Data Management Environments;
Part IV. Implementing and Governing Master Data Management;
Chapter 12. Building Business Case and Roadmap for MDM;
Chapter 13. Project Initiation;
Chapter 14. Entity Resolution: Identification, Matching, Aggregation, and Holistic View of the Master Objects;
Chapter 15. Beyond Party Match: Merge, Split, Groups and Relationships;
Chapter 16. Data Synchronization, MDM System Testing, and Other Implementation Concerns;
Chapter 17. Master Data Governance;
Part V. Master Data Management: Market, Trends and Directions;
Chapter 18. MDM Vendors and Products Landscape;
Chapter 19. Where Do We Go From Here;
Part VI: Appendixes;
Appendix A. List of Acronyms;
Appendix B.

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