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Libro ebook Mammography and Breast Imaging PREP: Program Review and Exam Prep, Olive Peart
Author: Olive Peart
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Digital
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Breve descripción de Mammography and Breast Imaging PREP: Program Review and Exam Prep

A comprehensive review for the mammography registry examination from an experienced educator and clinician who knows exactly what it takes to pass

Includes new coverage of the latest digital imaging technologies•Written by an instructor and mammography specialist at Stamford Hospital
•Concise narrative text helps you to focus on essential concepts
•Practice questions with answers referenced to the text allow you to gauge your comprehension of important material
•Learning aids such as objectives and glossaries at the beginning of each chapter streamline the learning process
•Numerous radiographs teach you to recognize good and bad films and normal circumscribed lesions and breast calcifications
•High-quality diagrams help you learn correct patient positioning consistent with the American College of Radiography and the Mammography Quality Control Manual
•Valuable during coursework to help you recognize and understand concepts that are likely to appear on the exam
•A complete review for licensure that includes the history of breast imaging, breast cancer detection, and treatment (including new imaging methods and recent advances in digital mammography, MRI, BSGI, DBT, volumtetric ultrasound imaging, and Cone Beam Breast CT)

Contenido de Mammography and Breast Imaging PREP: Program Review and Exam Prep

1. The History of Breast Cancer and Breast Imaging
2. Patient Education and Assessment
3. Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology of the Breast
4. Benign and Malignant Diseases of the Breast
5. Mammography Equipment
6. Mammographic Processing and Quality Management
7. Breast Imaging Mammography
8. Breast Imaging - Digital Mammography, Ultrasound and MR
9. Breast Imaging Emerging Technologies
10. Interventional Procedures
11. Treatment Options
12. The US Mammography Quality Standard Act (MQSA)


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