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The Making of Dirt is Good
David Arkwright
Written from the global brand frontline, we see the previously unseen perspective on what it was really like to build Dirt is Good for Omo and Persil globally a celebrated case-study in creating...

The Creative Society
Human creativity has been one of the fundamental drivers of civilization and progress solving immense problems, creating opportunities and overcoming enemies like no other force. Often it has...

Four-Leaf Clovers

Responsible businesses are economic institutions which are committed to the values of our society. But it turns out that not all companies making that claim really have respect for human rights,...

Your life
Salvador Alva
Brilliant book with provocative insights on how individual success is defined. Alva's methodology for individual life planning is extremely practical and shares many elements of the modern...

The Airlines
Jean-Louis Baroux
Jean-Louis Baroux has been working in the airlines industry for over 40 years. In this hard-hitting book, he presents the inside story of the airlines and examines why it is mainly low-cost airlines...

Champagne and Wax Crayons
Ben Tallon
This is the story of Illustrator and art director Ben Tallon s journey from his childhood hobby of drawing, to a freelance career working with the world s most glamorous clients in illustration,...

Masters of Innovation
Kai Engel, Violetka Dirlea, Stephen Dyer, Jochen Graff
Masters of Innovation is the manual for creating a sustainable innovative organization, which is essential in fastmoving and competitive markets. The past 15 years have brought a fl ood of startling...

Australia 2034
Nigel Andrade, Peter Munro
Australia has written one of the most remarkable economic growth stories of the century and is now poised to shape its future not out of crisis but out of opportunity. The past two decades have...

The Content Revolution
Mark Masters
Marketing has changed more in the past 20 years than any other business discipline. So why are we relying on the same-old textbooks? Why do business owners still think that shouting louder than the...

Management Design
Lukas Michel
Management in turbulent times needs greater vision and foresight. This book offers an exciting visualthinking approach to help managers, leaders and entrepreneurs think through their options and fi...

The Mango Story
Humberto Salemo, Andrea Gay Zaragoza
What has made Mango one of the principal high street stores in today s consumer world? Notable for its carefully prepared advertising strategy, its tactic of working with celebrity designers, such as...

Flawed but Willing
Khurshed Dehnugara
Instability, disturbance, emergence, networks, informal learning, trial, error, adaptability, low growth, fl uctuation and momentum these are the experiences that dominate the lives of today s...

Rethinking Luxury
Martin C. Wittig, Fabian Sommerrock, Philip Beil, Markus Albers
The luxury market has long been the exception. Protected for decades and even centuries from swings in economic fate and taste by consumers with money and demands for something extraordinary, the...

Adaptive Capacity
Juan Carlos Eichholz
In today s business world, change of many kinds technological, economic, social, and environmental is outpacing the ability of organizations to predict it and manage it. As a result, the single most...

20/20. 20 great lists by 20 outstanding business thinkers

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, the LID publishing group invited 20 of its thought-leading authors to contribute to this unique book a collection of 20 lists, with each list...

Andy Law
The Internet is behaving in a way that is aff ecting everything we do. And it is making us think about things in a way we never previously thought. The Internet is contrary and the opposite of...

The ideas book
Kevin Duncan
Coming up with ideas on your own can be hard. Doing it in brainstorms can be even harder. Following the success of The Diagrams Book, The Ideas Book explains 1) how to tackle tricky issues, 2) how to...

The 31 practices
Alan Williams, Dr. Alison Whybrow
In our super-connected world, organizations brands and reputations are shaped to a far greater extent by the personal experience of their employees and customers. We already know that 70% of...

In the shower with Picasso
Christian Stadil, Lene Tanggaard

Not Knowing
Diana Renner, Steven D Souza

The old rush
Peter Hubbell
The Age of Aging begins in 2014 as the last of the Baby Boomers turn 50, and no other global trend will do more to impact the way we live, think, act and interact with brands for the next 20 years!...

The Conscious Leader
Shelley Reciniello

The Diagrams Book
Kevin Duncan

It s never OK to kiss the interviewer
Jane Sunley
'An insightful look at what it means to be fulfilled by work, how to achieve your dreams - and a kick up the backside for anyone who needs one. Easy to read, jargon-free and packed with interesting...

How to Win a War
Ignacio González-Posada
What can WWII teach us? Is it possible to see Hitler as an efficient manager? What would today s business schools have to say about Churchill s management style? What was going though the minds of...

Shaking the Skies
Giovanni Bisignani
This book is about change, about its challenges and the talent necessary to drive it through. Specifically, it is about transforming the world s most important and event-shaping industry aviation. ...

Made With
John Grant
This book charts the emergence of a vibrant new type of brand from the emerging markets. This new type of brand is Made With more concerned with design, community and fusion rather than the...

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