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Libro ebook Leading the High Energy Culture: What the Best CEOs Do to Create an Atmosphere Where Employees Flourish, David Casullo
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Praise for Leading the High Energy Culture If you're looking for a step by step guide on how to become a high energy leader, you've found it here! Tom Croston, Vice President/General Manager of Corporate Shared Services, Gap, Inc. Whether its business, sports, or even parenting, successful leaders share one thing in common high energy! David is right; it can be developed. I find it unique for someone to identify the truly key elements of leadership. David has done this in a way that fosters success in these endeavors as well as those of family, church, and community. Pat Williams, Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic, and author of Leadership Excellence Jack Welch identified 'energy' as one of the critical characteristics he looked for in effective leaders but never talked about how they develop it. David Casullo's book provides the road map for how to harness your own energy while energizing those around you. Every leader can increase their effectiveness by implementing the ideas he presents. Patrick M. Wright, William J. Conaty GE Professor of Strategic Human Resources in the ILR School (Industrial and Labor Relations), Cornell University A clear path to creating an organizational culture where leaders are the constant source of energy that feeds a competitive advantage. Matt Holt, Vice President Human Resources, Dot Foods, Inc. This exciting book is insightful and timely, and my enthusiasm for its message is ringing and sincere. [It's] a must read for all those who are serious about leading companies to successful outcomes. Robert A. Gough, Jr., Ph.D., President and CEO, G enovation Leaders and managers today are experiencing an energy crisis resulting from the failure to engage and inspire their people. Yet, a handful of leaders have found an endless supply of energy to fuel their organizations. They're the ones who attract the top talent, themost loyal customers, and the public's imagination. They're leaders like Zappos's Tony Hsieh and the late Steve Jobs, who've built cultures energized at every level to innovate, grow, and succeed. Leading the High Energy Culture: What the Best CEOs Do to Create anAtmosphere Where Employees Flourish is the handbook to powering this kind of workplace with the energy that your workforce already possesses. A change this big starts at the top. David Casullo, a leadership authority and strategic consultant to businesses large and small, explains the steps for establishing an authentic leadership presence based on your powerful personal truths. Then he shares the secretsfor how to communicate your vision in order to create a sense of purpose throughout your organization and beyond, thereby spreading excitement to consumers, investors, and the media. Using his own experience, research, and demonstrated results from the leadershipdevelopment program that he developed while helping transform Raymour & Flanigan from a small regional company to a billion dollar furniture retail giant, Casullo outlines the specific steps that let you discover and unlock the latent energy in your team. Casullo organizes these practices into 10 simple principles, each illustrated and reinforced with firsthand client interviews; real world examples from businesses such as Ford, FedEx, and GE; and thought provoking interactive exercises. These principles illuminate thepath to creating real employee engagement by giving you an actionable model to: •Learn what matters to your organization and its people, and align your leadership strategy with these truths•Communicate clearly, with purpose and passion, to create a resonant message•Find the leaders in your workforce who give your organization a competitive advantageLeading the High Energy Culture uses methods proven to generate results. Beyond the bottom line, however, it will reignite your own commitment and passion by giving you a fresh perspective on how to become an energized leader of a charged up organization.

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