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Libro ebook Kafka and the traveling doll, Jordi Sierra i Fabra
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Breve descripción de Kafka and the traveling doll

One year before his dead Frank Kafka had an extraordinary experience. Having a walk through Steglitz Park, in Berlin, he found a little girl crying heartbroken. She had lost her doll. To calm her down Frank introduced himself as the Dolls's Postman, and told the little girl that the doll was away on a trip. But had send a letter for her that will be delivered by himself the following day.For three weeks Frank focused exclusively on the doll's letters that he handed on every day to the girl. Nobody has ever known who was that little girl and what happened with the letters. Awarded with the National Award for Children's Literature in 2007, Kafka and the traveling doll has already become a classic of the Spanish literature.

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