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Libro ebook Hacer negocios en España (ruso), Bove Montero
Author: Bove Montero
Publisher: Profit Editorial
Categories: Business strategy
Language: Ruso
Price in book PDF
: 4.99 (4.99)
PDF with Adobe DRM
Publishing year: 2016
Size: 303 Mb
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ISBN: 9788416583690

Breve descripción de Hacer negocios en España (ruso)

This book contains the complete laws and regulations in Spain on labour, tax and commercial matters to be taken into account by every company, entrepreneur and foreign investor for whom Spain is an attractive destination to conduct their business. This book briefly describes the main features of our country such as its geography, institutions, policies and languages, as well as any matters of a legal, tax, accounting or labour nature governing the creation of a business in Spain based on the existing rules up to the present day.

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