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Libro ebook Flawed but Willing, Khurshed Dehnugara
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Categories: Business strategy
Categories: Business innovation
Language: Español
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Publishing year: 2015
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ISBN: 9781910649152

Breve descripción de Flawed but Willing

Instability, disturbance, emergence, networks, informal learning, trial, error, adaptability, low growth, fl uctuation and momentum these are the experiences that dominate the lives of today s business leaders. There is a growing awareness that the old industrial constructs of detailed planning, perfection and process are no longer working as e ectively as we might wish in our large, established organizations. This book is a challenge to the way we relate to each other and lead businesses in the post-industrial age; it is full of passionate stories, refl ections and insights. The writing inspires the practice of alternative forms of courage, acceptance of our imperfections and new methods of contact with each other as we navigate the changing nature of the workplace.

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