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Libro ebook English Today Magazine nº 190, AA. VV.
Author: AA. VV.
Publisher: Harvard Deusto
Collection: English Today
Categories: Educational material
Language: Español
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Publishing year: 2019
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ISBN: 8432715117346

Breve descripción de English Today Magazine nº 190

As usual this month there is a whole host of reasons why you should curl up on the sofa with English Today magazine. For starters, we are delighted to see that Mika is back with fresh music. His new album, My Name Is Michael Holbrook, is his first since 2015. We look at the highs and lows of this eclectic artist s career. The call of the mountains is too hard to resist this month as we head to the Julian Alps, a haven  for nature lovers. Could it be your next holiday destination? All of us have dreams. But how do we fulfill them? In Psychology we have the keys, all you need to do is open the door! Our language sections this month focus on the present continuous, expressions to give encouragement and disruptive innovation. What is that? we hear you ask. Business English will explain it all in great detail. With the world s strangest reality shows and the history of the postal service, what more could anyone ask for? Don t forget to check in with us at www.facebook.com/EnglishToday where we post interesting snippets to help you keep your English in tip-top shape. See you next month!

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