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Libro ebook English Today Magazine nº 188, AA. VV.
Author: AA. VV.
Publisher: Harvard Deusto
Collection: English Today
Categories: Educational material
Language: Español
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Publishing year: 2019
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ISBN: 8432715116387

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The high season is here meaning just one thing. It s time for our doubleissue as we take a short break to recharge our batteries. What are your summer plans? If you are still looking for your next holiday destination, your first stop is Travel, where you can choose between seven of the world s funkiest neighbourhoods. Do you want a fruity way to keep cool in the sun? In Food & Drink we have just the solution with our delicious sorbet recipes. Go on! Treat yourself to ice cold sunshine in a glass! Speaking of which, it is never too late to break with negative habits and learn how to look after yourself properly. That could mean putting your needs first without hurting the ones you love. Learn how in Psychology. Along with an in-depth look at emotional intelligence in Business English, our language sections focus on dealing with emergencies and some useful travel phrasal verbs. As regards entertainment, Music & Lyrics introduces us to Ed Sheeran. He s the musical megastar who keeps his feet well and truly on the ground despite constantly selling millions of records. And for your viewing pleasure, we recommend the best cooking shows to follow on Netflix. A veritable feast for the eyes! 

We hope you all have a great summer. We return in September but in the meantime, we will continue to share content at www.facebook. com/EnglishToday. See you soon!

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