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Breve descripción de Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care

Here s a unified evidence-based approach to problems encountered in trauma and critical care surgical situations. Comprehensive and concise, it is ideal for a quick overview before entering the operating room or ICU, or as a review for board certification or recertification.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected with practical, concise coverage of major surgical problems in trauma and critical care.
  • Get expert practical and up-to-date guidance on ventilator management, damage control, noninvasive techniques, imaging, infection control, dealing with mass casualties, treating injuries induced by chemical and biological agents, and much more.
  • Find the information you need quickly and easily through numerous illustrations, key points boxes, algorithms, and tables.

Contenido de Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care

I. Trauma Systems

1 The Development of Trauma Systems, Trunkey
2 Trauma Center Organization and Verification, Eastridge / Thal
3 Injury Severity Scoring: Its Definition & Practical Application, Osler / Glance / Bedrick
4 The Role of Alcohol and Other Drugs in Trauma, Gentilello / Esposito
5 The Role of Trauma Prevention in Reducing Interpersonal Violence, Cornwell / Chang
6 Trauma Scoring, VanDerHeyden / Cox
7 Trauma Systems & Trauma Triage Algorithms, Pepe / Marttos / Lynn

II. Pre-hospital Trauma Care

8 Delivering Multidisciplinary Trauma Care: Current Challenges and Future Directions, Habib / Carrillo
9 Triage, Armstrong / Burris
10 Pre-Hospital Airway Management: Intubation, Devices, and Controversies, Coimbra / Davis / Hoyt
11 Pre-Hospital Fluid Resuscitation: What type, how much and controversies, Newell / Gracias / Rotondo
12 Civilian Hospital Response to Mass Casualty Events, Dicker / Schecter
13 Blast Injuries, Pepe / King / Becker / Lynn
14 Pre-Hospital Care of Biological Agent Induced Injuries, Swan
15 Wound Ballistics: What Every Trauma Surgeon Should Know, Mayberry / Trunkey
16 Common Pre-Hospital Complications and Pitfalls in the Trauma Patient, Mitchell / Richart / Wilkins

III. Initial Assessment and Resuscitation

17Airway Management: What Every Trauma Surgeon Should Know, From Intubation to Cricothyroidotomy, Gross / Jacobs
18 Resuscitation Fluids, Schreiber / Tieu / Kiraly / Englehart
19 Emergency Department Thoracotomy, Asensio / Petrone / et al.
20 The Role of Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma: Indications, Limitations, and Controversies, Dunham / McKenney / Shatz
21 The Use of Computed Tomography in Initial Trauma Evaluation, Sjoholm / Ross
22 Interventional Radiology: Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Maish / Fabian
23 Endpoints of Resuscitation, Englehart / Tieu / Schreiber

IV. Head and Central Nervous System Injuries

24 Traumatic Brain Injury: Pathophysiology, Clinical Diagnosis, and Pre-Hospital and Emergency Center Care, Valadka / Dannenbaum
25 Traumatic Brain Injury: Imaging, Operative and Nonoperative Care, and Complications, Valadka / Dannenbaum
26 Spine: Spinal Cord Injury, Blunt and Penetrating, Neurogenic and Spinal Shock, Tashjian / Gonzalez / Khoo

V. Maxillofacial and Ocular Injuries

27 Maxillofacial Injuries, Granick
28 Trauma to the Orbit, Meallet

VI. Neck Injuries

29 Penetrating Neck Injuries: Diagnosis and Selective Management, Weireter / Britt
30 Carotid, Vertebral Artery and Jugular Venous Injuries, Rowe / Petrone / Asensio
31 Blunt Cerebrovascular Injuries, Cothren / Moore
32 Tracheal, Laryngeal, and Oropharyngeal Injuries, Fernandez / Norwood / Berne

VII. Thoracic Injuries

33 Pertinent Surgical Anatomy of the Thorax and Mediastinum, Schipper / Sukumar / Mayberry
34 Thoracic Wall Injuries: Ribs, Sternal Scapular Raptures, Hemo- and Pneumothoraces, Salvetamal / Livingston
35 Diagnostic and Therapeutic roles of Bronchoscopy and Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy in the Management of Thoracic Trauma, Malhotra / Aboutanos
36 Pulmonary contusion and flail chest, Hauser / Livingston
37 Tracheal and Tracheobronchial Tree Injuries, Miller / Meredith
38 Operative Management of Pulmonary Injuries: Lung-Sparing and Formal Resections, Asensio / Garcia-Nunez / Petrone / et al.
39 Complications of Pulmonary and Pleural Injury, Karmy-Jones / Jurkovich
40 Cardiac Injuries, Asensio / Petrone / et al.
41 Thoracic Vascular Injury, Chu / Wall / Mattox
42 Treatment of Esophageal Injury, Christmas / Richardson
43 Diaphragmatic Injury, Lucas / Ledgerwood

VIII. Abdominal Injuries

44 Surgical Anatomy of the Abdomen and Retroperitoneum, Bochicchio / Scalea
45 Dianostic Peritoneal Lavage and Laparoscopy in Evaluation of Abdominal Trauma, Smith / Aucar / Fry
46 Nonoperative Management of Blunt and Penetrating Abdominal Injuries, Martin / Rhee
47 Gastric Injuries, Diebel
48 Small Bowel Injuries, Maull
49 Duodenal Injuries, Jurkovich
50 Pancreatic Injuries, Magnotti / Croce
51 Liver Injury, Parikh / Pachter
52 Splenic Injuries, Wisner / Tse
53 Abdominal Vascular Injuries, Goaley / Feliciano
54 Colon and Rectal Injuries, Ciesla / Burch
55 Genitourinary Tract Injury, Best
56 Gynecologic Injuries, Tillou / Petrone
57 Multidisciplinary Management of Pelvic Fractures: Operative and Non-operative Hemostasis, Scalea

IX. Special Issues in Major Torso Traum

58 Current Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management of Hemorrhagic Shock, Puyana / Tisherman / Peitzman
59 Exsanguination: Reliable Models to Indicate Damage Control, Mohr / Asensio
60 Surgical Techniques for Thoracic, Abdominal, Pelvic and Extremity Damage Control, Davis / Luchette
61 Abdominal Compartment Syndrome, Damage Control and the Post-Traumatic Open Abdomen, Miller / Morris

X. Peripheral Vascular Injury

62 Vascular Anatomy of the Extremities, Ginzburg / Rich
63 The Diagnosis of Vascular Trauma, Anderson / Blaisdell
64 Upper Extremity Vascular Trauma, Griffen / Frykberg
65 Lower Extremity Vascular Injuries: Femoral, Popiteal and Shank Vessel Injury, Sifri / Asensio
66 Compartment Syndromes, Granchi

XI. Musculoskeletal and Peripheral CNS Injuries

67 Upper Extremity Fractures: Orthopedic Management, Gehrmann / Tan / Behrens (deceased)
68 Lower Extremity Fractures: Orthopedic Management, Trafton / Houin / Trunkey
69 Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Fractures, Tatsumi / Hart
70 Pelvic Fractures: Orthopedic Management, Humphrey / Ellis
71 Hand Fractures, Gopinathan / Ganchi / Granick
72 Scapulothoracic Dissociation and Degloving Injuries of the Extremities, Biffl / Born / Cioffi
73 Extremity Replantation: Indications and Timing, Datiashvili / Mordkovich
74 Techniques in the Management of Complex Musculoskeletal Injury: Roles of Muscle, Musculocutaneous, and Fasciocutaneous Flaps, Datiashvili / Trovato / Granick

XII. Special Issues and Situations in Trauma Management

75 Airway Management in the Trauma Patient, Harrskog / Jarnberg
76 Pediatric Trauma, Tuggle / Scherer
77 Trauma in Pregnancy, Sisley / Chiu
78 Trauma in the Elderly, Braslow / Kauder / Schwab
79 Burns, Davis / Gamelli
80 Soft Tissue Infections, Henry
81 Common Errors in Trauma Care, Smith / Nold / Dort

XIII. Critical Care I, the Management of Organ Failures: Techniques for Support

82 Cardiac Hemodynamics: The Pulmonary Artery Catheter and the Meaning of its Readings, Cohen / Mackersie
83 Oxygen Transport, Polanco / Fink / Puyana / Ochoa
84 Pharmacologic Support of Cardiac Failure, Mah / Kirton
85 The Diagnosis and Management of Cardiac Dysrhythmias, Sperry / Minei
86 Fundamentals of Mechanical Ventilation, Eachempati / Shapiro / Barie
87 Advanced Techniques in Mechanical Ventilation, Melendez / Shapiro / Eachempati / Barie
88 The Management of Renal Failure: Renal Replacement Therapy and Dialysis, Gutmann / McFarren / Durham
89 Management of Coagulation Disorders in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Michetti / Fakhry
90 The Management of Endocrine Disorders in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Falvo / Horst
91 Transfusion: Management of Blood and Blood Products in Trauma, Napolitano

XIV. Critical Care II, Special Issues and Treatments

92 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, King / Becker / Garcia / Asensio
93 Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS): Definition, Diagnosis, and Management, Watkins / Deitch
94 Sepsis, Septic Shock, and its Treatment, Ananthakrishnan / Deitch
95 The Immunology of Trauma, Todd / Cocanour
96 Nosocomial Pneumonia, Williams / Raghunathan / Spain / Brundage
97 Antibacterial Therapy: The Old, the New, and the Future, Barie / Eachempati / Shapiro
98 Fungal Infections and Antifungal Therapy in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Shapiro / Smith-Singares / Eachempati / Barie
99 Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Nutritional Support: Strategies for Enteral and Parenteral Therapies, Byers / Hameed / Kudsk
100 Thromboembolic Phenomena: Diagnosis and Treatment of Deep Venous Thrombosis: Drugs and Filters, Ivascu / Garcia
101 Hypothermia and Trauma, Gentilello / Reed
102 Surgical procedures in the SICU, Sifri / Mohr
103 Anesthesia in the SICU. Beyond the Airway: Neuromuscular Paralysis and Pain Management, Andreae / Berger / Verdiner / Delphin
104 Palliative Care in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Mosenthal
105 Death from Trauma: Management of Grief and Bereavement and the Role of the Surgeon, Murphy / Mosenthal
106 Trauma Rehabilitation, Dubov / Badellino / Pasquale
107 Trauma Outcomes, Rhodes / Tinkoff

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