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Stephanie Krenning
It's 3052, and a cosmic battle is about to begin. Loosed from the chains that held him for a thousand years, the devil is unleashing his fury in a desperate attempt to sack the beautiful City of God....

God's Priceless Treasure
Deborah Starczewski
Find out that God sees each one of us as a priceless treasure and will supernaturally intervene in our lives. Author Deborah Starczewski shares through personal experience and inspiring stories just...

The Big(ger) Picture
Marshall Wood
Whatever God does, it shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it [or] taken from it. Eccles. 3:14-15, NKJV   The Big(ger) Picture is a call for Christians everywhere to choose the Word of God as...

Maximized Church
Peter de Leau
Maximized Church offers practical steps to be the Church   When you read this book you will find out - The most important thing Jesus told us - How to maximize your prayer life - How to maximize your...

Holy Life
L Santos
"You can 'accept Jesus' all you want, but Romans 6:16 teaches us that if you keep on sinning and do not turn to God wholeheartedly, it leads to death," writes author L. Santos. In Holy Life, Santos...

Superhuman Performance I
Derrick Miles, Darrayl Miles
Your potential extends far beyond your capabilities and skills, exceeding your limited imagination. This book will help you discover your gifts and understand why you come alive, for what purpose....

Are These the Last Days?
Charles Schmitt
The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Proverbs 4:18, NKJV   Solomon says in Proverbs 4:18 that we can expect an increase in...

Zebra Tears
T. S. Vallée
While traveling to the beach with her daughter and grandchildren, Tess reminisces about her childhood playing on the grounds of an old Indian palace by the sea. Tess knows as she shares these...

The End of the World
Michele Neal
In her new book about the end times, author Michele Neal highlights many of these prophesied events, and addresses the serious reality that the destiny of half-hearted Christians is in jeopardy....

Superhuman Performance II
Derrick Miles, Darrayl Miles
With compelling insights and practical applications from some of the world s top entrepreneurs, you will gain a fresh understanding of what it means to live within a cone of excitement, anticipation...

Destructive Violence Against Men
Milverton Adesanya
In Destructive Violence Against Men, author Adedeji Adesanya writes candidly about his dramatic ten-year battle against demonic forces dispatched through witchcraft to ruin his life. He details the...

Mike Massé
Freedom from 'Christian slavery'  Radical grace, radical love, radical life   Mike Massé loved God and lived to reach the lost. He was admired for his commitment to the gospel and his passion for...

10 Reasons Satan Does Not Want the Believer Filled and Speaking in Tongues
James Jr. Elam
For years the body of Christ has been taught--incorrectly--that the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues ended with the early-church apostles. Yet James T. Elam Jr. sets forth in this...

Created With Purpose
Holly Eggert
God created the earth to be the setting for His highest creation, man and woman, and He alone understands the purpose for which He designed each person. As a Christian woman, do you believe God...

The Gilded Prospect
Philip Thurman
Charlie Stucliffe's world is collapsing around him, helpless to alter the momentum of events. When his wife, Karen, discovers the nineteenth century handwritten Alaskan Gold Rush journal of Absalom...

The Truth About God
Delores J. Porter
Do you struggle with heartache from the death of a loved one or a major life adversity? Do you blame God for allowing such a painful thing to happen? Delores J. Porter has answers for you in her...

Called Out
Janet Boynes
Janet Boynes leads readers through her inspiring testimony, from her decision to try the homosexual lifestyle, to the trauma and pain she suffered during her 14-year walk as a lesbian, and finally,...

A King's Journey
Steve Richard
Prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

Love That Heals
Mary A Kaiser
No matter the hurt, there is healing and wholeness in the love of Christ.

Memoir of an Imam
Moussa Kone
Follow Moussa as he relates the turbulent and supernatural events that led to his meeting with Almighty God.

From Legal to Regal
Steve Hawkins
How you can live a fulfilling Christian life.

The True Father
Tamara Carl
Desperate to escape the religious persecution they were facing in Cuba, eleven-year-old Jonas, his family and friends boarded a small boat headed for Newfoundland. But after falling overboard during...

The Man I Was
Trisha Field
A Novel -- What kind of man goes missing, and nobody notices?

Building Credibility In Leadership
Michael A Blue
What many people perceive as a problem with the Christian church is actually a problem with church leaders. Michael Blue tells readers that not all these problems are imagined, and that trust and...

What's In A Title?
Valerie K. Brown
Important-sounding titles abound in today's church, but a title means nothing until someone of authority speaks to its responsibilities, authority, and accountability. Valerie Brown discusses the...

I Was Wrong
Dennis Prince
The seeds of this book were planted, ironically, because of a Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Australia. Troubled that such an event should be held in his city, Dennis Prince decided to...

Preparing America for the Wrath of God
Woodrow Polston
Wars and rumors of wars. Deadly hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Intense political, economic, and social unrest around the world. Signs that we are living in the end times are all around us....

My Gospel
Roy L Miller
In My Gospel, Roy Miller begins with his own unique telling of the ageless gospel message.

Morphing Orlando
Randall James
How a Sleepy Citrus Town Grew into the Number One Tourist Destination in the World

Spring the Trap
"Satan is an enemy to be respected and understood," write Glen and Marge Williams. But Spring the Trap will do more than help you understand him. It will give you the tools to defeat him.Spring the...

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