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Libro ebook Chemistry 2, Mario Uriarte
Author: Mario Uriarte
Publisher: Pearson (México)
Categories: Mathematical logic
Categories: Chemistry
Language: Inglés
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: 10.18 (10.18)
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Publishing year: 2010
Size: 36.21 Mb
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ISBN: 9786073202794

Breve descripción de Chemistry 2

"Written in the same format as Chemistry 1, this is the second volume of the chemistry notes for bicultural high school students, which fully accomplish the programmatic units of the current descriptive profiles and syllabi for this subject. This introductory chemistry text is designed to help you grasp the basic concepts and to help you to learn how to work the problems associated with the material."

Contenido de Chemistry 2

"Chapter 1 Chemical reactions Chapter 2 Chemical calculations Chapter 3 Stoichiometry Chapter 4 Solutions Chapter 5 Acids and bases Chapter 6 Thermochemistry Chapter 7 Chemical kinetics Chapter 8 Chemical equilibrium"

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