Libro ebook 100 Business Innovation Concepts, Paco Bree
Author: Paco Bree
Publisher: CALIGRAMA
Collection: Caligrama
Categories: Business & management
Language: Inglés
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: 5.99 (5.99)
ePub with Adobe DRM
Publishing year: 2019
Size: 2476 Mb
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ISBN: 9788417637323

Breve descripción de 100 Business Innovation Concepts

The business innovation concepts and tools guide essential for the 21st century executive.

We are currently defining a new school of management. Some elements that would integrate this new school include innovation, intra/entrepreneurship, digital transformation, exponential technologies and humanism. The XXI century executive needs to incorporate new theories, methodologies, models and tools to complete those he or she already knows and uses from classical management.

This book synthesizes the complete history of classic management, provides the fundamental elements of business innovation and poses relevant challenges for 21st century professionals. The book includes the 100 business innovation concepts that any executive and entrepreneur should know as part of their business toolkit.

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