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Why is secure buying in this store?
The purchase in our store is safe because payments are made through the HTTPS protocol using SSL-based encryption (Secure Socket Layers).
I have inserted and confirmed my information, but an error is reported when I get to the bank gateway, what I can do?
We are taking orders as normal. Be sure to use VISA, Mastercard and 4B, correctly filling in all the data and reviewing the firewall and antivirus software with your network administrator if ne cessary at a later time to avoid conflict with other users.
When I try to pay with the credit card it asks me to insert the 'Codvalido' and I do not know information should I fill. Could you help me?:
As stated on the website of the bank, the validation code is a Three part number code on the back of Visa or Mastercard (for Master cards does not exist. Instead enter the last three digits of the card). This number appears in italics at the top of the signature panel. On some cards the card number printed in italics on the signature panel contains 16 digits (can be only 4), but will always be followed by the validation code, which is formed by the last three digits on the right. On American Express cards the code consists of 4 digits on the front of the card.
I have tried to pay by credit card and payment was denied, however I received an order confirmation eMail. Why is this?
It is simply because, although it has declined the payment, our server continues to issue the order. We do not eliminate the order automatically until is confirmed by the user who made the purchase.
What if you were not at the address you have provided at the time of receipt of the order?
If the shipping method requested is EXPRESS, the courier will leave an advise with the contact details. If at this time you may not agree with them please contact us.
Do you notify by phone prior to delivery?
No, the postmen do not call to deliver a certified package and if the package is sent by a courier company you will receive an email with the shipping traking code to track it. However, the courier will leave a note if there wasn't anyone at the delivery address. Therefore, it is essential to indicate a correct address and contact number.
And how do I know my order is shipped and when is it going to be delivered?
We sent a confirmation email once we receive the order by stating that the request is being processed correctly. Subsequently, once the order has been produced and the shipment is made, another eMail is sent indicating the change order status from pending to shipped. This eMail also includes the shipping traking code and the link to the shipments locator web transport agency, where you can track the package. For Postmail shipping method, tracking is not possible.
What does pending status mean?
This means that the order is in process to be sent to its destination, it doesn't mean that the payment is pending to be received.
In your webpage is indicated that the order will be available in 48-72 hours and have not received my order yet.
It is a standard shipping time once the order produced. Depending on the destination, and the method chosen for the shipment, delivery time may vary.
ECONOMY - Cheapest option. Does not offer tracking.
REGULAR - Safe Ground Shipping. It offers tracking.
EXPRESS - Safe air shipment. It offers tracking.

All publications from our shop are always available.
All orders are shipped anywhere in the world within a maximum of 48h / 72h after receipt of order.
During the purchase you will be able to choose the shipping method so is sent with the maximum guarantee of delivery or the most economical shipping service.
If you find problems with the reception of the book please contact at here

What is an eBook?

¿Qué es la nube?
La nube es el nombre que hemos elegido para tu eBiblioteca-sitio privado online donde almacenar y tener accesibles para descarga y lectura tus eBooks adquiridos en

¿Dónde están mis eBooks?
¡En la Nube! Y puedes acceder a ella a través de “Mi eBiblioteca”. Todos los eBooks que hayas adquirido o descargado de forma gratuita en Todoebook quedarán almacenados en tu eBiblioteca.

¿Puedo descargar los libros en mi nube siempre que quiera?
¡Por supuesto! Tan solo necesitas estar conectado a Internet para acceder a tu eBiblioteca y realizar la descarga.

¿Puedo leer los eBooks en mi nube desde todos mis dispositivos?
Sí, puedes acceder a tu nube desde todos los dispositivos que hayas certificado con tu cuenta Adobe ID, ya sean de sobremesa o portátiles.

¿También desde mi iPad o mi iPhone?
¡Claro! Pero no olvides descargar en tu equipo al menos una aplicación que permita la lectura de libros protegidos con el DRM de Adobe. Existen múltiples opciones gratuitas como las Apps. Todoebook o Bluefire Reader.

Which are the advantages of an eBook?

En cualquier momento, desde cualquier parte del mundo, sin limitaciones.
Finalizada la compra podrás descargar tu eBook directamente desde tu eBiblioteca o a través del enlace que recibirás por email.
Unrestricted stock:
The titles in our catalog are always available, unrestricted stock.
The eBook is a clean and environmentally friendly format that helps reduce paper consumption.
You can store and organize hundreds of publications in minimum space.
The eBook price is usually lower than that of the paper version.
Data transmission in our shop is done completely secure using HTTPS protocol and encryption based on SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
What program do I need to read eBooks?
To download an eBook you need to install on your computer a free software. Adobe Digital Editions.
Can I download the same book on multiple devices?
Yes, but before the download is essential to have certificated the different devices a single account Adobe ID.
Can I print or copy text to the clipboard?
It depends. The rights authorized by the publisher are specified in the data sheet of each publication. If the book that you need has enabled printing, it can be printed only once. If an interruption occurs during printing, for example, for lack of paper, ink, light, or try to print the odd pages regardless of the pairs, Adobe Digital Editions identify the resumption as a second impression and wont allowe to continue printing.
Can I use the eBook on any portable device?
DRM protected eBooks can be downloaded for viewing on multiple devices including desktops or laptops Sony Reader Digital Book, Inves Book 600 or iLiber, as always those were athorized for the same Adobe ID account. We can not guarantee compatibility with other handheld devices not mentioned so we recommend to test download free eBooks before the purchase is made.
Where can I go if I have problems downloading or using the eBook?
If you find problems with the download or use of the eBook our technical team will provide personalized assistance in a maximum of 48 working hours Assistant.

To download a DRM protected eBook you need to install on your computer the free software Adobe Digital Editions.
EBooks can be downloaded for viewing on multiple devices desktops or laptops including Airis Dbook or Sony Reader Digital Book always that all the devices have been authorized with the same license Adobe ID.
If the book you want has enabled print permission remember that can be printed only once without interruptions different than the provided in the panel control of the printer as intervals of pages

If you find problems with the download or use of the eBook our technical team will provide personalized assistance in a maximum of 48 working hours. Assistant.
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